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Ponytail Kids Summer Bucket Sun Hat Savanna

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Ponytail Kids Summer Bucket Sun Hat Savanna from BEDHEAD Hats. 


The Ponytail Kids Summer Bucket Sun Hat Savanna is a UPF50+ hat designed specifically for children. Its innovative 'anti-flop' technology ensures that the brims will never flop in front of their eyes, making it perfect for outdoor activities under the hot Australian sun. And that's not all - our girls' Bucket Hats also feature a ponytail slit to keep hair off little necks, a feature that has been in high demand. The hat is made with super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey, keeping kids' heads cool and comfortable in the heat while offering UPF50+ excellent protection. Inspired by nature, our blush coloured hat is adorned with a stunning arrangement of dusty rose and mauve blooms. The sight of it is almost as refreshing as the scent of real flowers! Available in three different styles: Legionnaire, Toddler Bucket, and Ponytail Bucket. Get yours today and experience the perfect blend of fashion and function.


90% Cotton and 10% Elastane jersey

Hat Size Brim
 6 - 12mth / 46 - 50cm / S 6cm  8.5cm
 1 - 3 years / 50 - 54cm / M 6.5cm  9cm
 3 - 6 years / 54 - 58cm / L 7cm  9.5cm
 6 - 13 years / 58 - 62cm / XL 7.5cm  10cm
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